Four ways to deliver a strong message in 10 seconds

This month the Transitions Live the Good Light ident returns to TV, sponsoring Channel 4 News Weather. We have worked with Transitions to create a series of 4 idents and we faced one main challenge; each video can only be 10 seconds long.

Is it possible to deliver a strong, memorable message in this short space of time?



Read our tips below:


You need to be strategic when considering which TV channel and programme you want to sponsor. Transitions lenses and the weather forecast are a good match because Transitions are photochromic lenses; clear indoors and dark out, changing tint depending on weather and temperature. The Channel 4 news and weather is also watched by a wide audience profile which fits the Transitions awareness strategy.

If consumers start to associate Transitions with changing weather and light conditions, this will only be positive for the brand.


Having only 10 seconds of air time, you cannot fill your ident with too much content. Less is more. This is true in many cases in the marketing world, and it is especially true for TV idents. Use your strapline and your key message in one or 2 lines.

Be also aware that creating sponsorship idents have different rules than their longer TV advert cousins. For example, one strict rule is not portraying any benefits of the product and the creative must be linked to the theme of the programme.


TV sponsorship is a great way to gain visibility on a wider audience and build brand awareness. However, you cannot base a campaign solely on it. The most effective marketing is always integrated marketing.

Think strategically and try to be as relevant as possible to the ident. For example, we have created a branded umbrella that changes colour when it rains. Relevant to the brand, relevant to the weather forecast. We sent this to key optical customers and they loved it!

We have also supported our client in the creation of various tools. The Live the Good Light campaign makes use of digital banners and YouTube ads. With more people using digital devices when watching TV, the integration between the two channels can benefit and reinforce the sponsorship message.

We have created various POS tools for sales reps and opticians, because this is the most effective channel in an industry that relies heavily on sales reps and ECPs to recommend the product to final consumers. Every brand and every industry will have different best practices, but integration is always key.

You can have a comprehensive overview of the campaign in our blog about Live the Good Light.


People tend to watch the weather forecast every day. This means they are going to watch the ident every day, too. After a couple of times they may not pay attention and may lose interest. This is why we have created 4 different versions, including an exit version, to ensure variety and try to maintain awareness levels.

Want to watch our idents? Check them out here.


The first television programme to be sponsored by a product was (of course) Coronation St in March 1996 by Cadbury. The partnership ran for 10 years.

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