The most creative Covid-19 campaigns according to Verve, part II

Covid-19 emotional campaigns

Emotional campaigns

Last week we launched our series on our favourite campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic. After looking at campaigns specifically relating to healthcare and social distancing, this week we are sharing those campaigns that we have found emotionally impactful.



We made a short film "Never Lost" to honor the solidarity and resilience of so many people coming together during this time. Thank you to everyone doing your part. If you need help or can offer it, please visit

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Teaming up with Droga5, Facebook created a moving 90-second TVC for their community support tool called ‘Never Lost’.

The beautifully made film, set to a spoken word soundtrack, shows how real people are dealing with being separated from loved ones through the pandemic.



For this series, I’ve chosen an Italian campaign. Italy was one of the first countries hit by the Covid-19 outbreak and has endured one of the longest lockdowns. Until the virus reached the UK, I have been watching from afar but felt very close to my country.

This commercial by Barilla and agency Publicis Italia touched an emotional chord. Of course this was their intent, and it’s been executed brilliantly. Narrated by the legendary Sophia Loren, the video shows snapshots of something all Italians are very proud of – the beauty of their country – while giving tribute to the people who are putting themselves on the front line to save lives and keep the country moving.

I also appreciate the fact that Barilla didn’t just do a commercial, but also donated €2m to the Civil Protection, the Parma Red Cross, and the Hospital Maggiore of Parma, providing concrete help.



The Covid-19 campaign that most inspired me is Heineken: Stay apart. Stay together. Stay home.  #SocialiseResponsibly.

Clever nostalgia for the physical contact we’re missing, with a positive twist on how much closer we are in different ways. I love this concept. A smart, timely message beautifully executed and turned around quick enough to hit at the public mood.

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