The most creative Covid-19 campaigns according to Verve, part III

Funny and lighthearted covid-19 campaigns

Funny and lighthearted campaigns

To conclude the series on our favourite campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic, today we are sharing those campaigns that have made us laugh or at least draw a smile. We hope it will be the same for you!


Channel 4

I’m a great believer in the power of comedy, not just to make us feel better, but to grab attention. Channel 4’s in-house agency 4Creative put together a selection of short, irreverent pieces to get people to #StayAtHome. The campaign is led with the Important Safety Announcement for Your Arse.

The short follow-ups show stars from Channel 4 shows going about business (some uncharacteristic) at home. There’s something very calming about the sight of Big Narstie mowing the lawn. See them here.


Dettol India

I found the Dettol India Handwash Challenge a very inspiring social media campaign as it demonstrated the importance of washing hands during the pandemic in a fun and creative way.

Dettol in India created a TikTok challenge to emphasise how hand-washing can help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Users take part in the challenge from the discover page on the platform, and the video layout already comes equipped with its bespoke song (both in Hindi and English) and a Dettol-green filter.

This campaign is doing extremely well in India and has generated almost 50bn views with many celebrities and influencers taking part in this challenge.


Emily Snacks

Running an outdoor advertising campaign sounds like a counter-intuitive idea right now, especially for a new, small vegan snack brand. But instead of losing the money spent last December for some outdoor media space, Emily Snacks decided to go ahead with their campaign and adapt their message to their timing misfortune.

They’ve been using their social media channels to take their campaign online in a simple yet clever way. I think it’s important that brands encourage people to stay at home and respect the government guidelines. However, it’s nice to see that they can combine humour and positivity. And looking at these posters from my screen definitely drew a smile on my face!”

Check their Instagram post where they explained the campaign: 

View this post on Instagram

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This blog is part of a series of three. Read also our favourite emotional campaigns and healthcare and social distancing campaigns.

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