Covid-19 in pharmacy: A leading pharmacist’s perspective

Noel Wicks during the interview

How is Covid-19 changing pharmacy?

At Verve we’re fortunate our work allows us insights directly from the frontline and, as always, we’re keeping on top of developments. In this blog, we will explore the short and long-term consequences of the pandemic with our esteemed pharmacist friend Noel Wicks.

Why a pharmacist perspective matters

There is little doubt the current pandemic has had a massive effect on every industry in the UK, but it’s hard to imagine an impact greater than for key workers in the healthcare sector. While many NHS conversations seem to focus on hospital doctors and nurses, the value of our pharmacists and their pharmacy teams should never be underestimated. 

We thought we would discover, and share, what challenges a leading UK pharmacist is experiencing during this unprecedented time. 

We arranged a video conference interview with Noel Wicks, a community pharmacist and MD of Right Medicine Pharmacy, a chain of 27 pharmacies in Scotland. He is also a key member of the European Pharmacy Federation, meaning he was able to get early insights into the pandemic from the experience of other countries. We have worked with Noel for many years and found his answers fascinating.

A massive thank you to Noel for taking the time to share his experiences and thoughts.

Find out more

In this video you will hear Noel talking about:

  • The impact of the pandemic and social distancing rules in the everyday life of a pharmacy team
  • The implications for manufacturers and what pharmacists are expecting
  • The perceived changes in health and self-care 
  • How pharmacy teams are handling the emergency


Seeing as we had so many requests after posting the first version, you can now watch extended footage where Noel shares more insights, including how lockdown is changing customer attitudes towards pharmacy. 


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