Verve recommends: our favourite creative books

Creative Books

Following our piece on the team’s various favourite healthcare books, we thought we would next share some of our top picks for books about design, marketing, and creativity. 

There are thousands of marketing and design books out there, all with the power to inspire our daily lives and work. It was a tough ask, created some great conversations, but we managed to whittle them down to a shortlist that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did! Let’s get those creative juices flowing…

Wall and Piece 

By Banksy

Wall and Piece - cover book

“Everyone is aware of Banksy and his special brand of guerrilla art. The way he is able to distil a powerful message into a single image is a great source of inspiration. It’s a masterclass in concise and impactful imagery that draws the eye and leaves no doubt about what he is trying to impart, which is something I aspire to achieve with every design I create.” Dan

A Smile In The Mind

By Beryl Mcalhone

A Smile In the Mind - coverbook

“A wonderful book about “witty thinking” in design and art direction. It covers various ideas (modification, missing link…) and gives examples on how they have been used very cleverly, in multiple executions, to great effect. If anyone is thinking of getting into art direction, I highly recommend this.” Stu

Purple Cow

By Seth Godin

Purple Cow - cover book

“I’d recommend this classic to anyone with an interest in marketing and business. It’s a very short and easy-to-read essay on how to be successful by being remarkable. And what is the opposite of remarkable according to Godin? Very good.” Alice

How To Win Friends And Influence People 

By Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People - cover book

“The book was first published in 1936, but is just as relevant today as it was back then. I’d recommend this book if you’re wanting to improve relationships in either your personal life or within your workplace. Some topics Carnegie touches on are increasing popularity, making connections with others and winning new clients – most of which are valuable no matter what you do!” Olivia

The Brand Bubble 

By John Gerzema and Ed Lebar

The Brand Bubble - cover book

“I read this book when it was first published back in 2008, but it’s still very pertinent. The book challenges the tried and tested formulas of marketing and explores energised differentiation, always moving, always innovating, always pushing your brand outside of the status quo. I often reach for it.” Jules

We hope you found our recommendations interesting. Keep following us for some new “Verve recommends” blogs in the coming weeks! And, if you haven’t already done so, you can read our favourite healthcare books here.

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