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The digital revolution is nothing new, and yet we’ve seen the importance of digital communications grow, even more if that were possible, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Transitions Optical tasked us with the creation of an all-encompassing eLearning module for their optical partners; retail and labs. With sales teams unable to visit and most locations currently closed, they wanted to continue providing training & support in an efficient and engaging way.

Our clients were so pleased with the published module and with positive ECP feedback that we have translated it into French, Italian, Dutch and possibly more versions soon available.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a huge uplift in the interest for CET, Webinars and eLearning. People are clearly using this time to improve their knowledge and develop themselves.

With the exciting launch of Transitions Generation 8, we have created this 8-chapter eLearning for Transitions lens which can be done at leisure and provides comprehensive knowledge on the product and how to recommend to patients.

Transitions Category Manager

So what is the recipe for a successful digital learning module?

Visual attractiveness

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First impressions always stick.

Creating something that looks striking is not just a vanity exercise, it’s vital to get your audience interested as soon as they launch the module and continue that impression throughout.


A slide from the eLearning

Why are users completing online eLearning as opposed to reading a document or watching a video?

With a digital platform, you have an unparalleled opportunity to create an interactive experience that will significantly enhance the learning process.

We find that mixing up different media often is most effective and improves memory retention. First, learners need to acquire information, either by reading text and infographics or by watching videos. Then, they also get the chance to apply their knowledge via a quiz or gamification, which makes it more likely they will remember the information they have just learned.

User experience

A slide from the eLearning

It’s crucial users find it easy as they go through their learning experience. They shouldn’t be wondering how something works, they need to focus only on learning. The navigation and the instructions need to be an aid, not a distraction. That’s why we always lay out clear navigation elements and give careful instructions when we introduce new interactivity and functionality.

We also believe that users should be able to take their time. That’s why, while the module is comprehensive and covers a lot of different topics, users can do one chapter at a time and complete at their pleasure, returning at anytime and picking up where they left off. We love a bit of SCORM!

Great content

A slide from the eLearning

Of course none of the above will make a module worthwhile if the content itself is not useful! We are proud of working with clients that are industry leaders, and Transitions Optical is no exception. Being the #1 photochromic brand worldwide, we had tons of excellent content to work with!

Want a quick look? The eLearning is now available online.

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