A disruptive pharmacy campaign


ellaOne is the most effective morning-after pill, but this striking point of difference is not making it market leader yet. Health Care Professionals (HCPs) are key decision makers when it comes to choosing a morning after pill brand, and sales data suggests they are not recommending ellaOne enough.

What would make them change behaviour?

Our brief was to create a disruptive pharmacy campaign to encourage pharmacists to recommend ellaOne more.

What we did

We ideated an integrated marketing campaign to target HCPs via different channels:

Digital Banner ad

Campaign microsite

Trade ad — version 1

Trade ad — version 2

We also sent a direct mail in the unusual form of a Maltese Cross to every pharmacy in the UK.

You can see how it unfolds:

How was this campaign disruptive?
Simple. While providing HCPs with three good reasons to recommend ellaOne, we also asked them something not many brands would: give us three good reasons NOT to recommend it. Do this and we will reward you.

Obviously, this was a provocation as we (and our client) were confident that this product was indeed the best in the market. So we built the various elements of the campaign around this concept, and HCPs had to submit their responses to enter the prize draw.

A bold, provocative approach that brought in some good results.


We got some great feedback from the sales reps who are using the materials we created:

“It’s been a good way to deliver the same message because the competition grabs their interest.”


“By using the direct marketing piece with 3 questions on why they would not recommend ellaOne, interesting conversations have been generated. For any pharmacist who has reasons for not recommending, this is the ideal opportunity to talk about what they are and to tailor their training around these reasons.”


“The direct marketing piece has opened up a new way of speaking to pharmacists.”


The competition is still open, but we already received hundreds of responses listing the reasons, to which we are going to respond in the second phase of the campaign. We even got some funny answers like “I do recommend it but really want to win a coffee machine”!

The reason this campaign worked so well is because it’s a bit different, asking our target group to reflect about their behaviour in an unusual way.

Additionally, we have made this a two-sided communication. Rather than shouting the great benefits of the product (and it does have many) we have asked questions and got into an open conversation to understand this group better.

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