Can graphic design save your life?

An exhibition about graphic design AND healthcare…

This couldn’t be something more relevant to us! So, as a team we went to visit the Wellcome Collection exhibition Can graphic design save your life?

In a time when marketing is often considered something negative and intrusive, the title of the exhibition sounds almost controversial.

Can graphic design save your life? showcased an array of marketing campaigns from all over the world and from different times – some older, some more recent. The topic varies. You can find public awareness campaigns, hospital interior design styles, old pharmacy bags, and even an OOH banner that kills mosquitos!

We’ve asked our creative artworker, Gosia Poraj, to share her thoughts:

“A very good exhibition organised by a generous Welcome Collection. The exhibition points out how various organisations managed to increase awareness, answer difficult questions (sometimes life challenging), and facilitate access to information through skilful graphic solutions.

Having visited I really think it’s worthwhile for anyone interested in health or graphic design to go and visit. The collection is a fantastic overview of how advertising has managed to provide support and promote good health over time using eye opening campaigns, informative signage, and digital interactions.

Some of the objects I found are quite hard-hitting. And to be honest I think they should to be, as it’s critical for people to pay attention to make a difference. Being bombarded everyday by tons of information it’s easy to miss the important ones: people out there suffer, and we can improve some lives and protect ours too.

In health-related subjects we cannot afford the risk of someone indifferently passing by without noticing. Empathy and caring are some of the many lessons you can learn from the exhibition. The exhibition is open only until the 14th January 2018, so hurry up!”

The Wellcome Collection is a museum everyone in our industry should visit once in a while. Located in central London (in front of Euston station), its exhibitions are focused on medicine and healthcare.

Want to know more? You can visit their website here.

Image credit: Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace), pull-out poster from volume III of Fritz Kahn’s Das Leben des Menschen (The Life of Man), 1926
CREDIT – von Debschitz/Kosmos,

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