Verve Recommends: our favourite healthcare books

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It was recently National Read a Book Day, a great opportunity to celebrate the books we love that also showcase our industry interests.

Our industry is always evolving, and so by understanding its history, keeping up with trends and exposing ourselves to new ideas and stories, it offers us an enjoyable chance to learn and enhance our knowledge. So, if you’re partial to a healthcare read about the human body or cleansing your mind, then here is what some of our team have recommended for you.

The Timechart History of Medicine

Introduced by Professor Roy Porter

The History of Medicine Book

“This book is published by my family (as part of a whole series of historical timecharts), so I must declare some forebearer-bias here. This unique combination of book and chart traces the entire history of medicine, disease, healers and public health from all around the world. From prehistoric times and ancient civilisations, the chart explores the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, through to the Dark Ages, the Medieval World and the Age of Science that followed.” Paul

Photos taken by Paul Beard

My Health UpgradedRevolutionary Technologies to Bring a Healthier Future 

By Dr Bertalan Mesko

My Health Upgraded book cover

“Dr Mesko is a medical futurist who gives talks around the world about how cutting-edge technologies are being used in healthcare. In this book, he talks about how ideas which were in science fiction a few years ago are being used in real life and how he uses technology to keep track of / improve his own health.” Stu

Good Vibes, Good Life 

By Vex King

Good Vibes, Good Life book cover

“Healthcare can be just as much mental as it is physical, which is why I would recommend this book. Within it, King talks about the importance of manifestation, mindfulness & self-love and since reading, I have felt increasingly self-assured and confident. 

This book has taught me some great life lessons and one I will definitely read again and again.” Olivia


By Oliver Sacks

Migraine book cover

“Oliver Sacks is most well-known for his best-selling book ‘Awakenings’ which was subsequently turned into a film starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. However, it was his book ‘Migraine’ that really resonated with me. Being a migraine sufferer and a creative/designer, it helped me enormously to better understand the neurology and physiology of the affliction.

Additionally, it made me realise that many great artists have suffered from migraines and used it as a form of inspiration, which in turn helped me to reflect and find ways in which I could utilise my own experiences.” Dan

This is going to hurt 

By Adam Kay

This Is Going To Hurt book cover

“This book got me weird looks on the tube as it made me laugh uncontrollably. It’s the hilarious diary of a junior doctor taking a light-hearted but still realistic view on the emotions of hospital doctors. I also found it very enjoyable to be introduced to the lifestyle and experiences of the people who take care of us when we need it most. I couldn’t recommend it more, laughs guaranteed (and tears, but I won’t spoil it).” Alice

“Hilarious, emotional and very dark at the same time.” Jules

The body, a guide for occupants 

By Bill Bryson

The Body book cover

“We spend our whole lives in one body and yet most of us have practically no idea how it works.” A fabulous book that explores what goes on inside us but without the need for a PhD in Chemistry or Biology to understand it. Informative and very witty, it covers everything from the brain to microbes to sleep, and what happens when things go very wrong.” Paul

Bad Science

By Ben Goldacre

Bad Science book cover

“I thought this was fascinating, well written, and witty. The book goes into detail on medical journalism, nutritionists, flaky statistics and debunks medical nonsense. It also shows how you don’t actually need a science degree to spot ‘bad science’ yourself.” Ami

We hope you enjoyed our selection. Keep following us for some design and creative books inspiration in the next weeks!

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