Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards. Bigger and Edgier. And it is only April.

I have mixed thoughts on it already being the end of April and also on it only being the end of April. Time has gone quickly but much has happened, and all very positive.

New brand

After returning from an incredible Christmas in Australia (I had to get that in) we completed our own Verve rebrand. A thoroughly enjoyable process involving the whole team. We knew there was nothing broken but a review on who we are, what we do, talk and deliver was really worthwhile. And change should be healthy! We love and are proud of the result.

New office

Whilst picking apart and re-piecing the Verve brand we also had an opportunity to move office. From the relative security blanket that is Henrietta St, Covent Garden we moved to the bustle and edge of Wardour St, Soho. Sad to leave ‘the Garden’ but this is where we belong I think we all agree. A lofty, open plan brick office; double the size is pretty exciting. Come visit, experience our new coffee machine – it cost enough! It is starting to feel home, and we hope is set up to support the growing team and our continuing success.

New trophy

And our story continued in March at the OTC Awards, the main pharmacy industry event. For the second year Verve won best pharmacy advertising and support program, with our Optrex Screen Dry Eye campaign. Two years in a row in this coveted category is huge, and no easy feat. The account and creative teams worked hard to deliver a successful campaign and the award is well deserved. It was made even more special by being one of the judge’s highest scoring campaigns across all categories.

How did we win? Find out more about the campaign here.

New projects

And that is just the first three months of the year! We have a new brand, trophy and office to display it in. We have two exciting new clients/brands we have already started working with. And we also ran a photo-shoot with Paloma Faith for our Transitions client – news of that to follow but she was great. So, I guess my conclusion is that if this is only the first four months of the year I am looking forward to the next eight months!

Want to find out more on any of the above. DM me directly and I would love to discuss. Dominic.murdoch@vervelondon.co.uk.

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