Verve recommends: our favourite ads of all time – part 1

Screenshot from the TV ad "Orange Man" by Tango

As part of our recommendation series, we’re excited to share some of our favourite tv adverts of all time.

TV commercials are more than just an interlude between the programmes: they educate, entertain, inspire and stimulate our emotions. Let’s evoke the power of nostalgia by going back to the 80s and 90s to explore some of the ads that made us laugh, made us aware, or simply blew our minds. 

Apple Macintosh at the Super Bowl

By Apple (1984) 

“A year and a half after his work on Blade Runner (one of my favourite movies), Ridley Scott directed what is considered the best Apple ad of all time. I think it was the first occasion that I’d heard of a big-name movie director being asked to do a tv commercial, and you can really see how the production values and budget put this ad head and shoulders above other commercials at the time.

It was so popular and well-remembered that it was updated in 2004 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Apple. In the updated version, the runner is seen wearing an iPod – a clear reference to how Apple were evolving beyond their competition.” Dan

Flight of the Bumble-Bee

By Lurpack (1985)

“Here’s one of my all-time favourites! It was made by Aardman animation, those talented and Oscar winning bunch who also created Wallace and Gromit.

The charm, humour and amazing stop-motion-animation of this ad always hit the perfect notes for me, as does the ever-masterful voice-over provided by Penelope Keith (in fact, I think it’s Dame Penelope Keith now). Us 80s tv viewers will remember her fondly from classics such as The Good Life.” Paul

Orange Man

By Tango (1992)

“This is my favourite ad of all time because it’s a simple, yet effective and in-your-face concept with a memorable catch-phrase. It’s one of the few ads which I remember clearly from my childhood.

They’ve stood the test of time, with the catch-phrase even being reused for later tango campaigns due to its sticking power. After all….you know when you’ve been Tango’d.” Andrew

Cioccolato Italiano

By Novi (since early 90s)

“I can’t claim to have a single favourite ad, it’s impossible to choose! But for this selection I’m going with a very famous Italian advert, whose slogan has probably been running for over 20 years. Novi is an Italian chocolate brand and it faces the competition of Swiss chocolates, traditionally considered the best. The advert challenges this in such a simple yet effective way. Here we go with the slogan:

“Swiss?” “No, Novi”

These 3 words have made Novi one of the most famous chocolate brands in Italy. The version I found is from 2014 but it keeps the exact same concept since at least 1993! Probably one of the best ROIs ever.” Alice

Stay tuned for some more favourite ads! And you can always have a look at our healthcare and creative book selections for an extra dose of Verve inspiration.

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