Verve recommends: our favourite ads of all time – part 3

"Love that feeling?" visual from AA tv advert (2020)

Get ready for some quality throwbacks and nostalgia, as we present the final part of our favourite ads series, featuring some of the best commercials from the past 15 years!

Gorilla drummer

By Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (2007)

“I was 11 when this first came on the television and it was the craziest but most delightful advert I had ever seen. I love chocolate, and I’m a huge animal lover, so I really took this advert to heart. My younger brother loved it too and I remember we would wait patiently every evening to watch the advert come on in-between the breaks of Coronation Street!” Olivia

Buster The Boxer

By John Lewis (2016)

“It might not be my all-time favourite, but the 2016 John Lewis Christmas Advert is definitely one that I will always remember. It was my fresher year, I’d been living in London for only two months and was a young Italian, totally clueless about the famous John Lewis tradition. A few seconds later and I was already crying and couldn’t get over the flawless CGI! ” Miriam

Tide at the Super Bowl

By Saatchi and P&G (2018)

“I am a huge fan of cliché-busting irreverence, and to see this in a mainstream ad in such a clever way is rather refreshing. The 2018 Super Bowl ads for US laundry detergent Tide pointed out that there are never any stains on clothes in ads. So, they must all use Tide. Illustrating this, Tide / Saatchi made their own version of cliché ads which appeared at various points throughout the ad breaks.”  Stu

Love that feeling? 

By AA (2020)

“Yikes – of all time? This AA one is brilliant – it perfectly captures that amazing feeling of freedom and fun when you’re driving down an open road – rather than the grizzly reason you are calling the AA in the first place.”  Jules

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