The journey to Pharmacist Independent Prescribing (PIP)

Sunil Kochhar

Independent prescribing provides an exciting opportunity for pharmacists, manufacturers and the entire healthcare industry.

A pharmacist independent prescriber (PIP) is able to prescribe autonomously, including prescription only medicines (POMs), for any condition within their clinical competence. The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has set a goal for all newly qualified pharmacists to be independent prescribers by 2024.

We spoke to Sunil Kochhar, Community Pharmacist and Independent Prescribing mentor, about his journey to becoming a PIP.

We also asked him key questions about ways the pharmaceutical industry can get involved to maximise patients benefits and embrace the opportunity that this new front line of prescribers represents.

For more information including a free PIP fact sheet, please call Verve on 020 7060 4301, or email

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