Expert tips: Photographing infants for campaigns

They say never work with animals or children. But, when your work includes HCP campaigns for a leading infant feeding brand, then the unique challenges are just something that just need to be embraced.

Photo and video shoots can get those creative juices really flowing.

They can also be an integral part of a creative process, allow us to bring an HCP campaign to life, and help give it that all important context. 

Here, photographer Phil Adams, who’s been part of Verve’s extended family for many years, shares five quick tips on getting the most out of a shoot involving babies and infants: 

  • Keep the parents reassured, comfortable and informed. 
    The parent is the integral part of the shoot when working with babies. They will do most of the interaction and their baby will respond to them more than anyone else. If the parent feels at ease and is having fun, then the baby is more likely to be enjoying themselves too.
  • Keep the energy in the room positive and jolly throughout. It’s likely to be challenging at times and the baby will not follow instructions at any point. But if everyone is upbeat and patient then with gentle encouragement you will get the interaction you are looking for!
  • Be organised, ready but flexible. Youngsters move fast and unpredictably. Be ready to catch the image that you are setting up just in case it happens straight away. Also be prepared to capture something better if the opportunity presents itself.  Take plenty of pictures and edit them back later. 
  • Be aware of where you want the baby’s attention aimed. It’s often useful to have a parent off camera positioned precisely where you want the baby to look. The baby will usually seek them out so you can make it look as if the baby is looking at something that is actually in the picture.
  • Planning and permissions are essential. Whilst young models can be unpredictable, try to plan ahead but be flexible. Child performance licenses (it can vary by local authority), risk assessments, model releases and location requirements are also required elements that need sorting in advance.

Thank you Phil for these great tips!

Click here for examples of our work, many of which included the origination of image and video content. 

Please get in touch if you’d like more information on how Verve’s total approach can make the difference to your HCP campaigns. 

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