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  • HCP training

    • Gentle disruption

      We were challenged to disrupt Emergency Contraception recommendation habits in pharmacy and build awareness. So, we worked with leading community pharmacists and a pharmacy psychologist to create an interactive recommendation aid and a unique training guide. The result? Difficult conversations in pharmacy became easier – an outcome recognised by the OTC Marketing Awards 2020 judges.

  • Events

    • The future is bright

      Launching a new customer programme in the middle of Covid restrictions (no face to face event or sales team visits) can be challenging. We worked to create a memorable online broadcast featuring industry updates and high tempo launch message with a glitzy studio backdrop (green screened) with great results and amazing feedback!

  • Videos, animations, mode-of-actions & TV

    • A2 mode-of-action

      We were challenged to produce a premium-feeling mode-of-action video for one of our infant feeding clients. To help ensure the MoA spoke to parents as well as HCPs we created a fully natural-looking CGI environment and used luxurious textures to provide the premium feel desired. A live-action intro and outro helped to humanise the piece helping to forge a connection between our clients and new parents.

  • Campaign strategy

    • Another step closer to breastmilk

      Research has shown that paediatricians are unfamiliar with the proteins found in infant formulae and breastmilk and their differences. To help our client explain the differences between these proteins and the benefits A2 milk could bring to infants we developed a campaign focused on the unique benefits of the A2 B-Casein.

  • Concepts & key visuals

    • Brighter looking skin care

      We gave the E45 cream a more innovative, modern feel – while still highlighting the breadth of skin conditions it treats. The campaign and key visual were nominated for a PM Society award. Smooth.

      E45 Cream key visual
  • Product launches & promotions

    • Clearing up confusion

      Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is an under-recognised condition, often confused with thrush. It’s also an issue that sufferers can find embarrassing to discuss. As part of the Balance Activ relaunch in 2019, our campaign discretely targeted and supported HCPs when identifying and treating BV in pharmacy.

      Balance Activ pharmacy training
  • Detailing, e-detailing & sales aids

    • UX oriented

      Sales teams seem to get less and less time with their HCP customers these days. To support one client, we developed a comprehensive eDetail showcasing and training on full product range and recommendation skills. Providing easy customisable user experiences this allowed our client’s customers to engage and learn at their own speed.

  • Point of sale & instore activity

    • A more intelligent approach

      A pack of leaflets and a window poster just doesn’t cut through these days. With a deep understanding of the premium lens recommendation process, we created more attractive, relevant in-store materials adapted from Global creatives. It meant more engaged and educated opticians, and a more effective process.

  • Interactive digital development

    • Interactive e-learning modules

      Our client tasked us with the creation of an all-encompassing eLearning module for sales forces and customers alike. We developed an interactive platform by mixing up different ways of learning: infographics, videos, quizzes and gamification. Our clients were so pleased with the result that we have translated it into nine languages, and counting!

  • Trade advertising & direct marketing

  • Advisory boards & symposia

    • Illuminating the blue light issue

      With the increase in electronic device use there have been many claims made about how damaging it can be for eyes. Many spectacle lenses now claim they block this ‘harmful’ emitted blue light. We put together a roundtable panel of top-level international experts chaired by the UK’s key opinion leader on the topic.

      Round-table discussion
  • Webinar hosting & facilitation

    • Live Digital CPD

      Our client wanted to communicate with their customers using a digital first approach. We supported them with the development of a series of over 20 webinars which we hosted and facilitated along with managing and developing the promotion. The results were fantastic and we are already planning next year’s campaign.

  • Internal communications

    • Desktop delivery

      Our client was launching a new digital platform for HCPs and wanted to spread the good news and generate excitement internally. We developed a suite of branded goodies, balloons, and launch guide which was an overnight surprise delivery to the desk of employees.

  • Exhibitions & congresses

    • Exhibitions & congresses

      We’ve produced stands that have successfully engaged the full range of health professionals including specialists, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, GPs, opticians and nurses.

      Exhibition stands
  • Patient support

    • The end of awkward conversations?

      Research showed that women often feel embarrassed when going to pharmacy to seek emergency contraception. As part of a campaign to help HCPs support this sensitive conversation, we developed a checklist, both paper and digital, which allows women to answer the pharmacist’s questions more discreetly.

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