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We create powerful, memorable campaigns that build relationships between brands, HCPs and patients. And we’re experts in promoting and humanising healthy conversations at the heart of where behaviours are started and changed.

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Our world is HCPs

Patient conversations are the very heart of healthcare. When it comes to treatment and management, we know that the power and influence is with the HCP. That’s why we specialise in human, powerful, and memorable HCP campaigns that drive recommendation.

HCPs recommend and prescribe daily – building valuable, long-term relationships with patients. No one is better placed to explain the benefits of your products and how to use them.

We make sure your products are part of the really important conversations and prescribing decisions every day.

We give you verve.

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What we do

Fresh. 360. Integrated. Full service. Innovative. Patient-centric. Award-winning. You could call us all of those things. But we use simpler words to describe what we do.

We don’t much care for buzzwords. What we do care about is understanding your brand and the therapy area, working out exactly what you need and making it happen.

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  • HCP training & patient support

    • Gentle disruption

      We were challenged to disrupt Emergency Contraception recommendation habits in pharmacy and build awareness. So, we worked with leading community pharmacists and a pharmacy psychologist to create an interactive recommendation aid and a unique training guide. The result? Difficult conversations in pharmacy became easier.

      ellaOne training booklet and scratchcard pad
  • Videos, animations, mode-of-actions & TV

    • Allergy mode-of-action

      Sodium cromoglycate relieves the symptoms of hay fever by preventing degranulation of mast cells within the eye. Our 3D animation looks more exciting than it sounds.

  • Concepts & key visuals

    • Brighter looking skin care

      We gave the E45 cream a more innovative, modern feel – while still highlighting the breadth of skin conditions it treats. The campaign and key visual were nominated for a PM Society award. Smooth.

      E45 Cream key visual
  • Campaign strategy

    • Opening eyes to screen issues

      Increased use of screens could be leading to an increase in the prevalence of evaporative dry eye. Our campaign raised awareness and understanding of the condition in pharmacy, with key information and a bespoke HCP key visual. An OTC award winner in 2018.

      Optrex screen dry eye campaign strategy
  • Exhibitions & congresses

    • Exhibitions & congresses

      We’ve produced stands that have successfully engaged the full range of health professionals including specialists, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, GPs, opticians and nurses.

      Exhibition stands
  • Product launches & promotions

    • Clearing up confusion

      Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is an under-recognised condition, often confused with thrush. It’s also an issue that sufferers can find embarrassing to discuss. As part of the Balance Activ relaunch in 2019, our campaign discretely targeted and supported HCPs when identifying and treating BV in pharmacy.

      Balance Activ pharmacy training
  • Trade advertising & direct marketing

  • Detailing, e-detailing & sales aids

    • Feeding the right information

      Cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) is one of the most common childhood food allergies. Working with a trusted brand, we developed a detailing strategy that included tangible benefits to both patients and the NHS.

      Nutramigen sales aid
  • Point of sale & instore activity

    • A more intelligent approach

      A pack of leaflets and a window poster just doesn’t cut through these days. With a deep understanding of the premium lens recommendation process, we created more attractive, relevant in-store materials adapted from Global creatives. It meant more engaged and educated opticians, and a more effective process.

      Transitions point-of-sale material
  • Web & app development

    • A freer approach to circulation

      Warfarin patients regularly have to visit a clinic to monitor their INR. We gamified self-monitoring with the CoaguCheck app. It was supported by a campaign that demonstrated the benefits of self-monitoring, helping patients feel more in control of their own care.

      CoaguGame website
  • Advisory boards & symposia

    • Illuminating the blue light issue

      With the increase in electronic device use there have been many claims made about how damaging it can be for eyes. Many spectacle lenses now claim they block this ‘harmful’ emitted blue light. We put together a roundtable panel of top-level experts chaired by the UK’s key opinion leader on the topic.

      Round-table discussion

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