Paul’s Top 10 Verve Moments

Musings from ten years of great moments and memories…

On realising 8th April marked ten glorious years of joining as company director at Verve, (and enjoying the coincidence of that over the long Easter weekend), my brain started to wade through the back catalogue of the significant moments I’ve enjoyed in that time.

For my ten years, here are 10 of the thoughts that stood out…

1. First RB brand campaign

In 2013, Medical Marketing within RB UK gave us the opportunity to produce some pharmacy training for Gaviscon Double Action. This was the start of a valued, strong, and still continuing, relationship across RB UK and Global.

2. Our first OTC Marketing Awards win

Our first big awards win for our Optrex campaign in 2017. What a special feeling, and a very special night that was (we won the same category 6 years in a row).

3. Christmas parties

Quite the festive journey from just Dom and I having a Christmas burger together, to trips to Edinburgh, Dublin and Budapest. From hosting online (during COVID) to speed boats, Winter Wonderland and even turning our meeting room into a full scale grotto. Good times.

4. The four office moves

We started out on Floral Street in Covent Garden. As the business grew, we progressed through two offices on Henrietta Street before moving to Wardour Street in Soho and then on to Old Compton Street – our very happy current home!

5. Three creative directors

I’ve worked with three hugely talented and even more unique CDs in the last 10 years, the cornerstone of a creative agency. A big cap tip to Adam Lach-Szyrma, Stuart Collins and now our current wonder-from-down-under, Campbell Robinson for what they brought to the agency.

6. PM Society Gold Award

If you have a career, and an agency in Health and HCP Marketing then you always covet one of these – winning our first in 2020 with E45 was an ambition realised.

PM Awards win
PM Society Awards 2020

7. Lockdown life & business

How the team coped during this period was a testament to them all. Not only did the business keep moving forward, but the memories of online quizzes and socials have their own special place in Verve’s happy history.

8. Going global

We did a pitch recently (which we happily won) where we created a map of all the territories our campaigns have appeared. Seeing a world map covered in Verve blue was quite the sense of accomplishment and pride.

9. Ongoing expansion of the team and client base

From small acorns, we’ve managed to grow the Soho team to 16 members now (plus a vast extended family) and are delighted to be working with a big range of both optical and pharmaceutical clients across just as wide a range of therapies.

10. A decade of Dom

Dominic Murdoch founded Verve. Nothing more to say other than…thanks for the vision, the courage and the opportunity!

PM Awards win
Dom and I in our element!

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